Kaynak: www.lifesize.com

Follow these steps to capture a network trace:

1. In a browser, enter the IP address of the system followed by /support as in the following


2. When prompted, enter the username and password. The default values are:

Username: cli

Password: lifesize

Note: If you are using software release v4.5 on a LifeSize Room series, LifeSize Team series, or LifeSize Express series system, changing the password for the command line interface user auto with the set password command and then rebooting the system also changes this password. For more information about changing the command line interface password refer to the LifeSize Automation Command Line Interface manual for the software release installed on your LifeSize system.

Capturing a Network Trace

A new trace file is created when the previous trace file size reaches 1Mb. You can download either the current trace or the previous trace, if available. Basic network tracing is the default for Network Trace and captures only call signaling and some gatekeeper/SIP registration information. The Advanced network tracing setting captures much more information (all TCP and UDP traffic) and consumes much more memory. Generally, do not use Advanced network tracing unless LifeSize Technical Services requests it, and change back to Basic network tracing when you have captured the advanced trace.

3. To save a trace, right-click Download Current Trace or Download Previous Trace and select the appropriate save as option for your browser.

4. Give the file a meaningful name and save the file.

5. Email the trace files to LifeSize Technical Services.


Disabling the Network Trace Capability

To disable network trace capability, follow these steps:

1. In the Actions section of the Diagnostic Access page, select Tracing disabled from Network Trace. The page will refresh.

2. In the Current Status section, verify the value for Network Trace is DISABLED.