Kaynak: www.broadcom.com

Issue: Web Reporter could not be reached at UI and giving an error from browser - 503 Bad Gateway - page cannot be displayed; on the otherhand, it is still accessible through CLI via SSH

Cause: The "Preferences.cfg" file can become corrupted when a non-graceful shutdown occurs, like loss of power to the device.

Resolution: Restore last known good configuration on the Reporter through the CLI.

View the list of archived configuration files that are listed by date (year/month/day/hour/seconds).

Reporter# restore-settings list


Stop Reporter before applying the desired configuration file.

Reporter# stop-reporter

Apply the desired archive configuration file.

Reporter# restore-settings 20170703123052

Are you sure you want to replace your current settings with those from set 20170703123052? [y/N]

Restart Reporter.

Reporter# start-reporter